St Stephen's Nursery

Being Outdoors

Children love to be outside and we are very lucky to have a large, safe and exciting garden where children are encouraged to run, climb, ride bicycles, dig and grow food, play imaginatively and explore.

There are always at least three adults in the garden talking and playing with the children, helping them to search for little creatures, supporting them to take risks in their climbing and ensuring that everyone is safe and included.

We go out in all weathers so it is important for your child to be dressed appropriately. In the winter this includes a warm coat, sturdy shoes, a hat and gloves. In the summer they need to be protected against the sun with their shoulders always covered and a sun hat.

Children regularly go on visits to the local shops and market to buy ingredients for cooking. When the children are moving on to Primary school we take them further afield on Educational Visits to such places as London Zoo, Greenwich Park or The Science Museum.