St Stephen's Nursery

Children's Centre


St Stephen’s Children’s Centre is at the heart of the community and is here to help give your child the best start in life.

We lead the ‘BSiL’ (Best Start in Life) services across Green Street West, Green Street East and the Boleyn ward areas.

We offer a range of services and activities for families with young children.
There are a number of staff who speak community languages.


We suggest the NHS is the place to go for the most up-to-date information on Covid-19 (just click on the link below)

We provide:

  • Adult learning and parenting classes
  • Courses for adults (Crèche provision available)
  • Activities for parents and children
  • Health services
  • Family support
  • Childminding network
  • Midwifery services
  • Active sessions
  • Learning bags
  • Child advisory clinic with the health visiting team


Best Start in Life Co-ordinator

My role is to ensure the daily running of activities, liaise with professionals who deliver services in the centre and within the local community and deliver evidence based parenting programmes.

Through consultation with users, I ensure that this can benefit our families and the wider community.

Contact phone number: 07904 663 072

Senior Family Support Workers

We are here to provide a range of support, resources and advice on a range of issues which include:
• Helping families find groups to attend within the centre and the local community
• Positive parenting programmes including Triple P
• Financial difficulties and worries
• Supporting your child around transition such as starting nursery or school
• Support for parents wishing to return to education, employment or training
• Work with parents who are experiencing housing difficulties or no recourse to public funds
• Working with families to manage their wellbeing and to build confidence
• Family support drop-in.

Meral Sami

Contact Meral - 07494 067 676

Wendy Campbell

Contact Wendy - – 07946 708 602

Family Support Workers

We support and promote:
• Positive parenting sessions
• Support and advice for parents of children with SEND
• School readiness sessions
• Home talk and play sessions

Contact Nadia - 07940 563 064

Contact Nabila – 07904 663 154

Crèche Workers

We provide a daily Stay & Play toddler group for under 5’s. We welcome parents, grandparents and all carers to bring their children.

We offer a children’s library with dual language books and a toy library.

We provide a crèche for parents who attend a variety of courses within the centre. When children attend for a longer period we record their progress in a special book.

Please drop in. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to the Centre.

 Christine Bull                   Saleha Begum