St Stephen's Nursery

Children's Learning

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance as a basis for the learning and development of all children.

The seven areas of learning are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development;
  • Communication Language;
  • Physical Development;
  • Literacy;
  • Mathematics;
  • Understanding the World;
  • Expressive Arts and Design.

Every half term we plan intentions and activities based on a theme, core books and children’s interests to support children’s learning and development across all seven areas.

Most activities will develop learning and skills across several of the areas. At the end of the day practitioners meet to talk about individual children and their individual learning needs so that we can plan exciting activities indoors and out.

Staff gathering evidence of learning and compile a Profile and ‘Special Book’ on each child to celebrate their achievements. These are shared with parents on a regular basis.

The St Stephen’s Parenting Handbook, a guide for parents and carers.

See our long-term planning for the year.

See what topics, core books and themes we use to support learning.

Autumn nursery rhymes