St Stephen's Nursery


Staff plan each day in detail to include a broad range of learning opportunities for the children in their class. We use “Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage” as a guide and use core books to provide a context for activities and learning. Some examples of our high quality core books are “Oh No George”, Little Rabbit Foo Foo and “Anna Hibiscus.” Many of our books use
repetitive language and rhyme to support children’s early reading.

Everyday there is an adult focus activity inside and out. There are adult directed carpet sessions at the beginning and end of the session which include stories, action songs and rhymes. During the spring term we include daily phonics sessions.

We are very fortunate to have a large garden with lots of space for children to explore. We encourage children to explore materials using all of their senses, to develop skills using tools and to express themselves creatively through a range of media. Adults support children though meaningful interactions, talking with them, asking questions and introducing new vocabulary.

We are an inclusive nursery with a special educational needs and disability coordinator, who ensures that all children can access the curriculum. We believe that every local child should feel welcomed and that their individual needs should be met. This means that all staff work with children who have special educational needs and disabilities. It is everyone’s job to support every child so that they progress educationally, emotionally and physically.

We are proud to be a ‘Healthy School’. We encourage children to ‘Walk on Wednesdays’ and we share healthy snacks every session. We grow our own ingredients in our allotment and use them for cooking activities with the children.