St Stephen's Nursery

Daily Routines

Every day when children come to Nursery there are lots of exciting activities available – some of these are adult led activities where an adult will be guiding and supporting groups of children in their learning, others will be laid out to encourage children to be independent and play together without an adult.

For most of the session and whatever the weather the doors are open and children are encouraged to be independent and move freely from the indoors to the garden to play and take part in activities.

Adults and children help each other to lay the table and prepare fruit, water and milk for snack time. This is an opportunity to talk about healthy foods and good hygiene.

At the end of each session the children are sorted in to small groups to listen to a story or join in with singing and rhymes.


It is very important that children come to nursery every day and arrive and are collected on time.

If your child is unwell we ask you to phone and inform the nursery before the start of the session.