St Stephen's Nursery

Green Room

Welcome to Green Room

Hello and welcome to our class.

Green Room is comprised of two groups – morning and afternoon – of fantastic children. We are kind, curious and confident, we all have our own talents and interests, and we love to learn new things.

Whether we are playing inside – exploring malleable materials, getting messy with paints, or reading some of our favourite books – or playing outside in our wonderful Willow Garden, we are always having fun. Our teachers know how important it is that we learn through play and so they set up a wide variety of engaging activities for us every day. We particularly enjoy arts and crafts, making props to help us act out our favourite stories, and engaging in role-play games together as a group. We share our beautiful open-plan classroom with Red Room, which means we learn as one big community.

Our core book scheme runs throughout much of what we do while we’re here at nursery. Many of the focus activities planned link with themes from the core books and supporting texts that we read closely over two-week periods. The story ‘Oh No George’ was a huge hit at the start of this year and we can’t wait to get stuck in to more.

If you get the chance, please pop in and see us – we’d love to welcome you and tell you what we’ve been up to.

Green Room AM

Green Room PM