St Stephen's Nursery



At St Stephen’s Nursery and Children's Centre, a notion that ‘all children can’ is adopted by all those working with the pupils. High quality teaching is at the core of all our provision and this begins within the classroom. A range of concrete and pictorial resources and teaching strategies are used as scaffolds to learning, ensuring that all children are able to access the curriculum. Additional resources and teaching strategies are also used to extend those achieving above the age related expectations.


In addition to our outstanding in-class offer, we have a team of leadership staff and teachers ensuring that the needs of all pupils are met through our inclusive offer.


Esther Williams - Assistant Head for Inclusion (Primary)

Anna Diaper - Assistant Head for Inclusion (Nursery)

Tess Brown - Federated SENDCo

Zahira Khonat - Assistant Head for PPPP (Priority pupil performance progress) and more able pupils

Laili Pervin - EAL coordinator


Within this team, additional provisions and support are put in place to further develop children with special educational needs, English as an additional language, and pupils of which monitoring progress is a priority. Alongside this, extending and challenging our more able pupils ensures that all pupils flourish, reaching their full potential.


Information about each specific area of our inclusion offer can be found on the corresponding pages.