St Stephen's Nursery

Logic Week

This week has been Logic Week at St Stephen’s and the children in nursery have been taking part in a wide range of activities designed
to support their mathematical and computational thinking.

Logic is an important aspect of everyday life – it’s closely linked to reasoning, evaluating and problem solving. In early years, we focus a
lot on the Characteristics of Effective Learning, which include ‘creating and thinking critically’. A big part of this is children’s ability to understand processes, to make links and to recognise and correct errors. 

This week, we’ve been focussing on things like sequencing and sorting, creating patterns, planning and problem solving. The children have produced beautiful prints using repeated sequences of natural resources. They’ve explored pattern with percussion instruments and worked as a team to complete a complicated obstacle course in the garden. They’ve engaged with technology by planning routes for our Beebots, and they’ve come up with their own ideas of how to make toy cars travel faster down ramps. During carpet time, we’ve looked at books in which tricks, maps and sequences play an important part.

The children have also been involved in lots of block play; for example, finding ways to cross the garden on a limited number of large blocks without touching the floor. On Wednesday, we used every single block in the setting to build a huge maze outside. The children focussed on including patterns related to size and colour.

It’s been a fantastic week.