St Stephen's Nursery

One World Week

We’ve had a very special few days in nursery, celebrating One World Week. Together, we’ve explored some of the wonderful cultures that make up our local community, as well as learning about new ones from around the world. This has been a fantastic opportunity to understand a bit more about ourselves and our friends, and to experience some of the amazing things that happen in faraway places.

The children have taken part in a wide variety of exciting activities. Each day of the week has been dedicated to a different country – the ones we chose to investigate were Romania, India, Italy, Japan and Mexico. On Monday, for Romania, we made sculptures based on the work of a local artist, and then talked about traditional dress, folk stories and graffiti. On Tuesday, as well as singing and dancing to some beautiful Indian music, the children decorated garba sticks and joined in with dholki drumming. We made pizza and pasta for Italy Day, and were delighted to see the children chopping and preparing ingredients with such confidence. The blossom tree collages they made to celebrate Japan were absolutely stunning, and the Mexican instruments, which they made and then used to produce music at carpet time, were very impressive.

As well as having great time during all the celebrations, the children learned to express themselves in new ways, showed real interest in different cultures and lifestyles, and they were so willing to try new things. Well done everybody! We’ll be sure to revisit the learning that took place this week as we move through the year.