St Stephen's Nursery

World Book Day

We had a wonderful World Book Week in nursery, celebrating the incredible power of books and the essential role they play in our children’s education.
Together, we made bookmarks, character masks and class books, using small-world figures and cameras. We had rich discussions about some of our favourite stories, exploring key book language, such as “character” and “author”, as well as talking about the underlying themes. Throughout the week, we also read a biography of the writer Maya Angelou, learning about the challenges she faced growing up as a black woman in the southern states of America. Lots of the children even created their very own stories, which were recorded by adults and then acted out by their peers in front of the whole class during carpet time.
World Book Day itself was a great success, with children and staff dressing up as their favourite wild animals and monsters from the world of literature. Books influence so much of what we do here at St Stephen’s and we’re delighted to have celebrated them in such style.