St Stephen's Nursery

Parent Comments


I am very happy with my son’s experience at Nursery. He learnt so much, socialised more and I am happy because they helped my son to adapt to nursery and now he loves it.
It’s a great place for kids to start to explore and learn. I will definitely recommend St Stephen’s Nursery to other parents.
I am very happy with the Nursery. Curriculum days have been great and insightful to see what the children are learning and how to help them at home.
Staff are always available when needed and I have received good advice and support.
The staff are always smiling and use my home language to explain what is going on.
I love the Special Books and all the special moments that you capture throughout the year. The books celebrate everything she has done.
So emotional as her time has come to leave. The staff are amazing , they really engage with the children and make them feel safe.


My child absolutely loves nursery school.  Nursery provides the stimulation she requires as she is very very active and very sociable.  The teachers are all so lovely we will all feel very sad that it's coming to an end next month!

We cannot praise the nursery staff highly enough.  They do fantastic work!

All staff have great knowledge about the children.  Staff know children’s individual needs when working with them.  Staff know when to push a child to encourage them to try something new and when it might be too much for them.  Staff check in with families if the child has not been themselves.  Staff remember conversations had with families from months ago so families feel what they’ve said is important.  Amazing staff, a privilege for my child to attend this nursery :)

So far I am happy with what the school has to offer my child, he seems very settled and happy, no concerns.

Such a great nursery with wonderful teachers.  The teachers are extremely friendly and professional.  Definitely I made the right choice by choosing this place!

The learning in blue room is amazing! My child has progressed leaps and bounds.

We love St Stephen’s and we are really sad to leave.


“Thank you for all that you have done!  You are all amazing”

“I will recommend this school to other people any time any day.”

“St Stephen’s School & Children’s Centre is the best school in London.”

“I am happy that my child is making progress in the school and I am grateful for all the staff.”

“We are so happy to get an offer to send our child to a wonderful supportive school.”

“I am very pleased with my child’s development so far. As a child he has picked up on so many new and positive things. So far so good.”

“Excellent staff. Really caring and good communication.”

“We are really grateful that school is giving additional support to develop my child’s language and social engagement.”


“I find this school has helped my son create a great foundation for his early years learning.” ”

“A lovely school and great teachers, the staff are really caring, friendly and welcoming.” ”

“We are very happy for everything. We are proud for this school. Thank you all.” ”

“My son gets great support with his autism in class which is well-coordinated with outside agencies. They have provided education and support to us as parents also” ”

“My daughter is very well looked after by her excellent teachers and school provides her the safe and progressive space to grow.” ”

“My daughter has really blossomed into a more confident and resilient little girl since starting nursery. She has built very strong, positive relationships with all the members of staff in Blue Room. I feel that she is being challenged according to her development and I have seen big improvements in her mark making and physical development.” ”

St. Stephen’s School is an outstanding school. All the staff are very good at their jobs. I wish more prosperity for this school ”

“My son loves coming each morning to nursery. When he wants he can’t stop talking about nursery. He has learned a lot during his time in nursery and I am very happy. Thank you.” ”

“My son really enjoys his time at nursery, he communicates a lot better. He likes all his teachers and mentions them at home.” ”


“Teaching is very good, teachers must have worked really hard and all the help of the office staff that is the backbone of the school. ?”

“Classes are well organised and there are number of activities for kids.”

“I am so happy with my child’s progress. He has improved so much from when he started in September.”

“My child had a brilliant time throughout nursery. He learnt a lot and has come a long way since he started.”

“They take care of all members of school, kids and all people related to school.”

“The school has worked hard to raise the achievement of all pupils in their school and has been recognised as providing an outstanding education.”

“Well managed nursery, child make progress day by day. Staff are good too.”

“They consider each and every child as unique and nurture accordingly.”

“Really is an excellent service! Outstanding staff and my best wishes for the school. More progress year to year!”

“Good teaching and nice atmosphere.”

“I feel that my daughter has excelled in all areas since she started at nursery. I am extremely happy with her progression and thank all the staff at nursery.”

“Multicultural, part of community, lovely staff.”


“I have seen a great improvement in the progress my daughter has made, her words, communication with other children and adults, especially with her keyworker, whom she loves a lot.”.

“Extremely happy with my daughter’s progress. She has become a lot more confident over the year.”

“We have been very impressed with my daughter’s progress. She has developed very well and her confidence has increased. Thank you for all you have done for her.”

“My daughter has really enjoyed her time here. I have seen her develop in her writing and maths and she is very keen to learn. I know she is capable of being stretched and challenged and she will be successful.”

“My son has done exceptionally well. We are pleased with his progress.”

“My son has been well educated and support from Teacher’s that we received extremely well.”

Feedback for Maths Day – 9th March 2017


“There has been great improvement in my sons understanding, language development and overall development since starting nursery”.

“The way my childs profile was created by Anbruna's key worker was really impressive. Honestly, I did not expect that much detailed information in Anbrunas personal work. thank you”.

“I am highly impressed about St Stephen's Nursery and the staff are really encouraging. Sincerely I am so happy to be one of the parents in St Stephen's Nursery”.

“My child has improved a lot in all aspects. She has become more confident and her English has improved a lot”.


“We are very happy with the nursery and the progress our son has made”.

“My child’s keyworker has been brilliant and has helped her come a long way”.

“I feel that the nursery has promoted my child’s independence and boosted his confidence in basic learning. Nursery has prepared him ready to go on to Reception. Thank you all for your hard work”. (Smiley)

“I am very happy with my son’s experience at nursery. He is talking more English and singing lots. He plays lots of play games, every day the teacher's have new surprises for the children (games)”.

“The staff have made my son feel welcome. This was a great experience for him as he enjoys nursery.

“My son’s confidence has grown since being at nursery”.

“The Profiles, Special Books & Parents Conferences gave us a good idea of what activities my child was doing at nursery”.

“There has been great improvement in my son's understanding, language development and general development since starting nursery”.

“Very satisified with staff and nursery. Everyone's a great support, whenever needed help and adviced, always staff supported. Have had really wonderful experience. XX”

“The way the child's profile was created by her key worker was really impressive. Honestly, I did not expect that much detailed information in my child’s personal work. Thank you”.

“I am highly impressed about St. Stephen's Nursery and the staff are very encouraging. Sincerely am so happy to be one of the parents in St. Stephen's Nursery”.

“My son is good when he comes to nursery. Very good behaviour at home as well”.

“My daughter's life routine was changed after the nursery. She loves her key worker and all other teachers. She learned a lot. I am very happy about that”.

“Both my husband and I agree that over the past 12 months our daughter's confidence and progression has come on greatly”.

“Excellent nursery!! Happy


"Reya has improved a lot, she speaks very good English. She likes listening to story books which are read to her. She sometimes surprises us by using certain words like lets swap, felling bored, good at fixing things, fantastic etc. etc. she speaks about her friends at Nursery. Her school picture shows that she is very active and good at extra curriculum activities as well. I am very glad to say that her school live brought a lot of changes to her which all my family members appreciate especially her grandmother is very pleased with her. Thanking you,"
Adheena E Andrews
April 2014

"I am very happy to see all Fatima activities. She is now more confident and she is good in sharing her toys, her books. I am really thankful to her teacher for her friendly behaviour. Thanks again."
Saima Tasneem
Feb 2014

"I am so pleased with Shalima’s improvement ever since she joined nursery. She has shown much improvement in her speech that now she can construct a full sentence in that one can understand quickly what she means. She loves writing and drawing and loves reading books. I am so impressed with the activities I have seen in her special book and I have taken note the areas she need to improve at and will do my bit at home to help her improve those areas at home and am so glad that she joins in with kids and actually takes time to concentrate on things she is doing. The fact that Shalimah looks forward to coming to Nursery each and every day gives me more confidence that she loves what she is doing at Nursery and speaks highly of her teachers all the time. She has a different story to tell me which is interesting because it shows she has a great relationship with her teacher and I would like to thank you all for your help and time you have put in.
P.S. Shalimah loves to sing and dance."
Feb 2014

"It is great to see how my son Ayman is developing his learning skills in his school day by day. I firmly believe the school is doing an outstanding job to ensure Ayman is being well equipped and well trained to explore and face the future."
Ayman Kabir’s mum, Rasheda Khanam
Dec 2013

"To All Nursery Staff
We have seen Trisha doing all activities i.e. drawing, using remote, making food etc. that’s really good, it’s just because of all the staff effort. Thank you very much to giving attention to my Trisha. Also we can see the progress by Trisha doing lots of different activities at home, also her improving her English (use few sentences and words) which she was not using before. Once again thank you to all staff."
A Patel & Pritesh Patel, Trisha’s Parents
March 2014

"Thank you very much teaching Hannah first step in life. I see all pictures where he is doing nice things like he’s talking, writing and very thankful to you. I love your services."
Hannah’s parent
March 2014

"We are very pleased with Rayhan’s progress. The range of activities he is participating in is very good. You guys are doing a great job! Thank you."
Feb 2014

"Hai Mam
I would like to say that she improved now. She starts to speak English, little bit and she likes to draw always. She sings rhymes sometimes. Thanks for your effort and your support. Thank you so much."
Feb 2014

"Hi there
I am very impressed with my son’s improvement at school, he is able to speak very clearly, sings rhymes and says numbers and alphabet. He clearly is able to identify things, analyse them and try to describe about them. I would like to see more pictures as it makes my whole family happy.
Thank you and kind regards"
Lokesh Mum and Dad
Feb 2014

"In the last few months Ayman’s speaking and listening capability has improved. I found he started to learn counting and writing his name."
Ayman Kabir’s mum, Rasheda Khanam
Mar 2014

"It’s nice to see Daneen taking part in so many activities and to be able to see her progress. We can see she has lots of fun while still learning, which is probably why she looks forward to it. She also like to browse through her special books and tell us what she’s doing in each picture or what she has done in her work."
Mar 2014

"We discussed all the contents of this special book with our son, Faraz. He is very excited and happy with the comments made about him, he was even giving us the stories about the pictures taken in different events at St Stephen’s Children’s Centre. Thank you. Kind regards"
Dad: Mohammad Shah Alam
Mum: Kamrun Nahar Nasima

Mar 2014

"I feel very proud to see my daughter’s progress. How she is trying to write and I am very thankful to teachers for their hard work and support. Thanks once again"
April 2014

"All the staff are very understanding and caring. They help children according to their abilities and help them in a positive way to improve." Abubakar’s Mum

"I am so happy to leave my child with such caring and knowledgeable staff. I can’t believe how quickly my child’s language and other skills have developed. So, I am totally satisfied that my child is in safe hands. Thanks to all staff members." Phairya’s Mum

"All the staff at St Stephen’s have such a positive and supportive approach to their work. They put the children at the centre and celebrate the children’s individuality." Julie

"All the staff at nursery are very helpful encouraging Laksha’s good progress and also giving an extra help where ever she needs support. Thanks to all staff." Laksha’s Mum

"Investment in education is paramount. The outstanding management, teaching and support staff and resources at St Stephen's Nursery are an exemplary demonstration of this. We are confident our daughter's emotional, social and educational needs are always met and in fact go far beyond our expectations."
The Deveci-Matthews family