St Stephen's Nursery

Red Room

Welcome to Red Room!

Hello and welcome to Red Room.

We are a warm and welcoming community of children and are made up of two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

We share our classroom with Green Room and love to explore the provision on both sides of the open plan. Whether the activities set up will support our language development, mathematical thinking, physical prowess or social skills, we are sure to get involved, as we are a very curious and interested bunch. We also enjoy welcoming the Blue Room children into our classroom, and we like venturing over to theirs to see what they’re up to.

We love playing outside in our fantastic garden, building dens, playing on the bikes and climbing on our amazing climbing frames, and we also very much enjoy our carpet-time activities. As well as using this time to read and discuss our core books and their supporting texts, we sing songs, dance and play a variety of games that help us with the foundations of phonics, which we will continue to explore in detail in school.

Much of what we do in Red Room is in preparation for school, and there really is no better place to start.

Red Room AM

Red Room PM