St Stephen's Nursery

Red Room

Welcome to Red Room!

Red Room is made up of two groups of lovely children, one of which spends the morning at nursery and the other the afternoon. We share an open-plan classroom with Green Room and are able to explore Blue Room and the garden as we please, which means we are part of one big community.

Whether we are playing inside or out (we go out in all weathers!), we are always having fun. We follow a busy, play-based curriculum that helps us make relationships, express ourselves confidently and interact positively with the world around us. We love to sing and dance and to build with construction toys, and we really enjoy getting messy in the mud kitchen. The mark-making table in Red Room is always very popular – you should see the pictures we’ve been drawing!

Our core book scheme runs through much of what we do while we’re at nursery. Many of the focus activities planned link with themes from the core books and supporting texts that we read closely over a few weeks. Talking about these books helps us understand ourselves and the wider world.

Please come and see us if you get the chance and we’ll share with you some of the things we’ve been learning.